Concerto HealthAI Enters Precision Oncology Collaboration with Pfizer

Integration of Concerto HealthAI’s Real-World Data and Advanced AI Capabilities Will Accelerate Patient Insights and Outcomes Studies

“Pfizer believes real-world data have tremendous potential to inform how we develop and use medicines to improve patient outcomes. We are pleased to work with Concerto HealthAI –– to accelerate insights and outcomes studies that may lead to a more comprehensive understanding of patients’ experience with our medicines.”
–Chris Boshoff, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Development Officer, Oncology, Pfizer Global Product Development

“This collaboration aims to find and help patients who may benefit from new therapeutic combinations. We are using our definitive real-world data, AI-enabled abstraction, data science expertise, and strength in outcomes research to identify new and more precise treatment options; refine study designs; and speed up the completion times for various outcomes studies.”

–Jeff Elton, CEO of Concerto HealthAI

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Bristol-Myers Squibb Enters Multi-Year Partnership with Concerto HealthAI

Leaders from both companies expressed the importance of data science-centric RWD and AI to accelerate insights and advance next-generation RWE and clinical trial research design

“This strategic agreement reinforces our commitment to pursue data science to accelerate disease insights, advance novel study concepts and achieve precision in treatment, with the goal of improving patient outcomes.”
–Jeff Conklin, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Insights and Analytics, BMS
“Our agreement with BMS is a recognition that we have reached a pivot-point for RWE – it is not just a tool for generating insights into the current standard of care, but a field in its own right that can lead to optimization of current treatments and new therapeutic innovations.”–Jeff Elton, CEO of Concerto HealthAI

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Concerto HealthAI

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes and accelerate needed new innovations by building a system of definitive real world data, advanced AI insights, leading outcomes & data science talent, within a leading clinical cloud solution.


We believe in CancerLinQ’s mission – because when today’s trial data informs our decisions, we tap into only 3% of the cancer patient population. CancerLinQ™ lets you learn from the other 97%. We’re proud to be a long term, exclusive partner to CancerLinQ to make that vision a reality.

Clinical Outcomes Studies are Evolving

Concerto HealthAI is the leader in clinical outcomes analytics, clinical data abstraction services, and PRO technologies and services.

EurekaHealth platform is the most advanced AI-enabled technology platform for understanding Real World Data, supercharged with unique proprietary AI models and AI APIs. This purpose-built AI platform leverages a suite of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and other AI techniques in a cloud-delivered solution built for our real-world data and our customers’ – from all sources, RCT, RWD, Claims, etc.

Meet the new model for clinical development and outcomes research

Backed by SymphonyAI, Dr. Romesh Wadhwani’s $1 Billion Fund.

We’re proud to be backed by SymphonyAI, the leading $1 Billion private group of B2B AI solutions companies for healthcare and other key sectors.  SymphonyAI Group is 1,500 employees strong, including top talent in data sciences and AI in each vertical.

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We’ve been growing 80% YOY, we’re financially strong, and we’re excited to be on a journey to transform healthcare through data and AI solutions.

World Class Leadership Team

Meet our team of business executives and serial entrepreneurs in oncology tech solutions

Jeff Elton

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Prospective and Retrospective Clinical Studies are becoming Real World

The time has come to improve cancer care, accelerate the generation of evidence in support of new therapeutic approaches, and use next generation RWD in replacement of RCT. Our retrospective and prospective approaches can revolutionize drug development and clinical study approaches through Synthetic Control Arms and Prospective, Post-Approval RWD designs. Life Sciences companies can now leverage best-in-breed deep clinical data to drive greater precision and value.

Critical Patient Insights at the Intersection of the EurekaHealth Cloud, AI, and Abstracted Real World Data

ProMetrics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Concerto HealthAI. ProMetrics has a combination of superior data sets & cutting-edge AI technology to be a leader in commercial RWD, AI solutions & Data Services to enable next best actions and high return prioritization of commercial resources.

Concerto HealthAI is the fastest growing startup in oncology tech.

Our clients include 9 of the top 10 Oncology Pharma and 15 of the Top 20.