Our 10 Year Exclusive With CancerLinQ

Concerto HealthAI is the leading provider of Next Generation Real World Data (RWD) and AI-enabled solutions in Oncology and other key therapeutic areas. We have partnered with CancerLinQ, a not-for-profit subsidiary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), guaranteeing 10 years of exclusive access to the largest and fastest growing RWD oncology data source in the market.

We’re already enabling insights

Leveraging our eurekaHealth platform, we presented findings at the ASCO meeting on the prediction of neutropenia in breast cancer patients.

One in five breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy are susceptible to a life-threatening side-effect called neutropenia, where the immune system loses its ability to fight off infections. Leveraging eurekaHealth on a de-identified real world dataset of 10,288 breast cancer patients, Concerto HealthAI’s platform demonstrated an average 27% increase in prediction of chemo-induced neutropenia compared to existing studies.

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