Definitive Data, Research-Ready

Our full suite of Real-World Data products are engineered to specific HEOR, epidemiological, and market access requirements and can be linked to payer claims for insights into consumption of non-oncology resources, comorbidities, and total cost of care.

Definitive Oncology Data

Off-the-shelf, research-grade datasets provide critical data elements of interest from structured, unstructured, and linked data sources to enable a deeper understanding of prior treatment history, comorbidities, intermediate measures of disease progression, and endpoint assessments.

Accelerated Research Timelines

Our data products provide specific data fields required for an array of precision analyses – on-demand. This ranges from large, representative population datasets and enriched genomic data, to highly precise data comparable to bespoke studies or regulatory submissions. Move from insight to consultative conversations in days with coverage, depth and confidence.

Best-in-Class Compliance and Validation

Our EurekaHealth cloud and applications have been designed to be compliant with major standards (OMOP, ATLAS, etc.) and can illustrate treatment in compliance to NCCN, ASCO, standards of practice and other criteria.

Outcomes & Data Science

Our experienced team of HEOR researchers, epidemiologists, biostatisticians and AI/data scientists work closely with clients to design, execute, summarize, publish, and file results.

Find new levels of utility and operational efficiencies only possible within EurekaHealth – a true microservices architecture that deploys AI models and data science-centric services within any client environment.

Types of Research

Retrospective & Hybrid

We design and execute traditional retrospective approaches and new hybrid studies that start with retrospective data and continue to collect data prospectively according to a specific protocol. Our Real-World Data and AI technologies bring speed and efficiency, reduce reliance on patient registries and provide alternatives to Phase IV studies.

Value Dossiers & Market Access

Linked Real-World Data products enable new precision approaches to confirming the value of treatments versus the standard-of-care or innovator alternatives. Understand consumption of health resources inside and outside the healthcare setting, burden of treatment to patients and providers and relative benefit to an individual payer’s members. Our unsupervised and semi-supervised Machine Learning tools also uncover underlying clinical variability within narrow subpopulations.


Our experienced team of HEOR researchers, epidemiologists, biostatisticians and data scientists work closely with clients to run statistical analyses and take studies from execution to publication. We also often collaborate with our clients as a joint team to execute studies.