Concerto HealthAI’s next-generation research solutions are designed with regulatory- and publication-quality studies in mind that are innovative, faster and lower cost.

A Next-Generation Model for RWD-Derived Synthetic Control Arms

Our model for Synthetic (External) Control Arms is a powerful combination of Real-World Data, AI technologies, data science, and clinical, epidemiological and unstructured data abstraction expertise, enabling studies in even the rarest cancers and smallest patient populations.

RWD Discovery

Rapid assessment of specific patient cohorts to inform SCA and treatment arm designs; Use of unstructured data search and unsupervised/ semi-supervised AI tools.

Cohort Selection

Data science and clinical expert evaluation of alternative cohorts to inform study and protocol design.

Study Design

Finalization of study design, statistical analysis plan, regulatory consultations, and resulting SCA requirements.

Study Execution

Study-specifc abstraction, patient selection based on inclusion criteria, patient summaries for submissions, statistical analysis and regulatory presentations.

HEOR Studies

Our expansive oncology RWD, combined with advanced data science tools, gets to critical questions of health resource utilization, cost of care and comparative effectiveness at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional approaches.

Our team of HEOR scientists, data scientists, research nurses, analysts, statisticians and medical writers bring deep domain expertise to study design, data analysis and synthesis.

Hybrid Retrospective Studies

Our Hybrid Retrospective studies replace traditional Phase IV prospective studies. Concerto HealthAI’s definitive clinical oncology dataset, with access to six different EMR systems and over 1.5 million unique patients, is the leading solution for next-generation RWE studies. Study-specific abstraction and continually refreshed datasets of targeted patient cohorts provide critical insights into all aspects of patient response during treatment and post-treatment.

Outcome Science Services

Our unique Functional Service Provider (FSP) model includes outcomes science experts working alongside data scientists who apply advanced technologies and tools, such as unsupervised learning for deeper data exploration, discovery and analysis, to design and deliver next-generation outcomes research study concepts and studies. No other company has this combination of talent, data and technology to partner as an extension of your own organization.