//Vector Oncology Announces Two Key Agreements with CancerLinQ to Improve Cancer Care and Patient Outcomes

Vector Oncology Announces Two Key Agreements with CancerLinQ to Improve Cancer Care and Patient Outcomes

CancerLinQ selects Vector Oncology to Collaborate on Data Curation Outsourcing and to Conduct Health Economics and Outcomes (HEOR) Research.


May 31, 2017

Memphis, TN – Vector Oncology today announced two key agreements with CancerLinQ LLC (CLQ), a nonprofit subsidiary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Inc. (ASCO®).

Under the first agreement, Vector Oncology will license and be able to access in the near future de-identified ‘real world’ data on a non-exclusive basis from CLQ’s CancerLinQ Discovery™ product, for use in the design and delivery of Vector custom data curation, real-world evidence health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) projects, and consulting and data analytic services. CancerLinQ Discovery will provide highly curated, de-identified sets of clinical data with the objective of creating new clinical knowledge and improving patient outcomes. It will derive these sets from the rapidly-growing CancerLinQ® database.

“Our collaborations with CancerLinQ represent an exciting opportunity to contribute our oncology research and data analytic expertise in support of the CancerLinQ Discovery™ data platform, which has the potential to be the largest and most robust source of RWE ever assembled in oncology, to support clinical effectiveness research and discovery”, said Michael Choukas, CEO of Vector Oncology.

Under terms of the second agreement, Vector will recruit, train and manage a dedicated team of professional data abstractors to provide technology-assisted human curation of CancerLinQ and CancerLinQ Discovery data sets in support of CLQ’s mission to empower the oncology community to improve cancer care and patient outcomes through transformational data analytics.

“Vector Oncology contributes industry leading expertise in mining and curating unstructured EMR data to create unmatched data depth and quality in our CancerLinQ data sets for members and other researchers”, stated Kevin Fitzpatrick, CancerLinQ CEO. “Our collaborative technology-enhanced human curation processes allow us to reliably identify critical information such as detailed patient history, oral medication usage, dates of disease progression, molecular genomics, and toxicity data which uniquely enrich our data sets and empower the oncology community to drive improvements in patient care and outcomes.”

“Teaming with CancerLinQ is a natural fit given the aims of both groups to use real world data to inform best practices and provide insights into how to improve outcomes for patients with cancer,” stated Edward Stepanski, PhD, COO of Vector Oncology.

On May 1, 2017 Vector announced the divestiture of its Pharma Services (CRO) Division to George Clinical, a leading full service CRO in the Asia-Pacific Region. “The divestiture of our CRO unit allows us to focus 100% of our resources and efforts on the continued growth and development of our HEOR, patient engagement, and data analytic businesses,” said Choukas.  “The CancerLinQ relationships announced today add an exciting element to our research and data solutions, which demonstrate the real-world effectiveness, safety and value of oncology therapeutics.”

About Vector Oncology

Vector Oncology is a leader in the design and delivery of care based oncology research and data analytics. Utilizing our comprehensive Oncology Data Warehouse and proprietary Patient Care Monitor (PCM) patient engagement and outcomes platform, our experienced project teams, medical experts and health economics and outcomes scientists design and deliver high-quality projects generating real world evidence and insight. With some of the most experienced medical, scientific, operational, and executive teams in late stage research, Vector Oncology is uniquely positioned to meet the demand to demonstrate product value in terms of economic impact, clinical effectiveness and tolerability, and patient reported outcomes (PRO). For more information, please visit www.vectoroncology.com.

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